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From protecting valuables to deterring crime, there are many reasons to invest in the services of a security installation company in Coventry.

Asides from offering peace of mind, quality security systems reduce home and business insurance costs. Some of today’s high tech offerings can even remotely control your appliances.

To ensure state-of-the-art security setups, it’s important to invest in the services of a security company that you can trust. Here at Currant Live, we aim to offer all our customers security products that are as outstanding as our services.

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Our Security solutions

From installing an intruder alarm to CCTV, our Coventry security services come with many options, all of which are featured on our website. Whether you wish to invest in one service or several, we’re here to help.

alarms coventry

Alarms Coventry

Alarms Coventry, NSI Gold certified Alarm Installation team

access control

Access Control

Door Entry, Mask & Temperature detection, Facial Recognition


CCTV Cameras

Deep Learning AI, People Counting, ANPR, Smart Automatic Tracking


Fire Solutions

Fire Equipment Installation, Prevention, Risk Assessment & Certification

The most trusted security services in the West Midlands

Protecting your property is our ultimate goal. To ensure all bases are covered, we adopt the latest security software and hardware solutions. Combined with customised, high quality technology and 15+ years of security knowledge, we’re able to deliver security needs that go the extra mile.

From the get-go, we provide our customers with top-level service. We’re firm believers in forming strong bonds with our clients, which is where our bespoke Gold Standard security service comes into play.

What makes great security installation companies?

From adopting state-of-the-art night vision cameras to biometric fingerprint scanners, glass break sensors and motion detectors, there are several measures a high-quality security company should take on board.

Here are a few of the most important measures all effective security services in the West Midlands should employ.

Faulty intruder alarms will do little for the safety of your family, your home, or your office, which is why investing in quality security services is key.

Today’s high tech alarms are customised to individual needs, protected against power failures through a back-up power source, boast high-end monitoring services and include two-way voice controls.

A high-end intruder alarm will let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out! To ensure your alarm is optimised to perform as quickly and as efficiently as possible, it’s a good idea to invest in the services of a professional security installer.

If a security breach occurs, the quicker you know about it, the quicker you can solve the problem. Today’s high tech security systems have been designed to encourage quick alarm response using mobile apps and web servers, which allow customers to view data on and off-site.

Good security systems record every single system interaction. In the case of a break-in, having a complete record of this security breach will not only help you to report the crime, but it will also stop the same thing from happening again.

Top burglar alarm equipment not only records data, it offers regular updates.

Although not technically part of the alarm set up, security cameras (when installed correctly) work seamlessly with alarms. An alarm listens to its sensors, and is programmed to act correctly should one be triggered, while security cameras monitor hallways and entranceways.

If a break-in occurs, the more data you have access to, the better. For best results, choose a security camera with an IP rating of IP67 or higher.

Products & Software

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access control

Access Control

Standalone Terminals Gain access with facial recognition and restrict access...

deep learning

Deep Learning AI

Designated Area Protection The software allows the designated user to...

Exceptional track record

Although a DIY installation may seem like the easy option, it’s not the most secure option and can cost you more in the long-run. Our trained technicians not only boast an exceptional track record, but they will also provide the best coverage and a cleaner install overall. In the event of an issue, our expert staff will be on hand to assist after the installation process. Our ultimate aim? Your peace of mind. Choose the installation type to personalise your browsing experience



Protecting your family and valuables, Deterring criminals, Instant alert notifications...



Effective measure to protect your staff against assault and harassment,...



Protecting your plant, fuel and materials assets whilst reducing vandalism,...


Retail Outlets

Our retail objectives are to prevent loss, improve customer and...

local authority

Local Authorities

Prevention of crime, Investigation and detection of crime, Identification of...

Professional team with years of experience

Here at Currant Live, our team of Coventry based specialists boast over 15 years of security ability, combined with 20 years of technical programming knowledge. Our expert Coventry security service has earned our company an exceptional reputation in the security industry. This reputation allows us to provide our customers with the best security experience possible.

Texecom are proud to work with Currant Live to protect the things people care about wherever located. Currant Live are an ambitious and professional company that work at the forefront of technology and we are glad that we have the technology, road map and shared values to support them and their customers.


Product Manager

Redcare realises the passion and technical ability of Currant Live and anticipate them pushing the signalling systems to the edge of it’s capability. Redcare fire and intruder alarm signalling systems are always on and always secure. Backed by BT’s trusted technology, we’ve got some of the most reliable solutions in the industry


Regional Sales Manager

We are delighted that Currant Live have joined our Value Added Solutions Partner (VASP) program, Currant Live can utilise our 4 demonstration facilities in Uxbridge, Manchester, Doncaster and Glasgow to showcase our products

Hik Vision

Business Development Manager

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