Solution Process

Currant Live are professionally NSI Gold certified installers that purchase all their security equipment from globally recognised manufacturers.


Personalise your experience

Some customers like researching systems and know exactly what needs installing. Other customers want our knowledge to build that perfect solution.


Design Phase

Our staff need to understand your requirements, the problems, the risks and your future plans to ensure the solution is fit for purpose.

Our technicians will provide a solution design document for your approval prior to agreeing any installation date.

It goes without saying, Currant Live will provide our expertise throughout our business relationship and keep you updated with the ever changing world of security.


Deliver your Expectations

The equipment for your project will be purchased prior to any installation date to guarantee a shorter installation duration.


Training & Certification

After the installation of your solution our technicians will provide their final checks then provide the agreed certification together with an “as fitted” document and training which completes your project.


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Fire Solutions

Fire Equipment Installation, Prevention, Risk Assessment & Certification

access control

Access Control

Door Entry, Mask & Temperature detection, Facial Recognition


CCTV Cameras

Deep Learning AI, People Counting, ANPR, Smart Automatic Tracking

alarms coventry

Alarms Coventry

Alarms Coventry, NSI Gold certified Alarm Installation team


Richard Featherston has spent over 16 years within the security sector together with continuous R&D progression, excellent communication skills and

Suzanne Gaylor is responsible for personnel recruiting, screening, training, and performance appraisal together with ensuring ISO9001, ISO14001, NSI Gold and

Rob Ward is one of the main players of Currant Live, as part of the Currant Brand, Rob has brought

Jason Kay is the Group Managing Director for the following businesses, Currant Ltd, Currant Web Ltd, Currant Live Ltd, DBM