Do burglar alarms need servicing?

After installing a burglar alarm or upgrading the CCTV security system of your property, it’s vital you keep it regularly serviced and maintained so it can continue to perform as designed. A routine service and maintenance schedule will expand the life span of your burglar alarm and also ensure it remains functioning as it should.

Many burglars are experienced with burglar alarms and they can quickly bypass ones that are not being properly serviced or maintained. A system failure is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Worse losses suffered because of mechanical or technical difficulties are easily avoidable.

Why burglar alarms need servicing?

Burglar alarm systems are a complex set of components, to ensure they remain operational they need to be checked by a professional. Regular alarm service and maintenance help you check that all components of your alarms system are working as designed. It can also help prevent any potential faults from developing in the future.

How often should a burglar alarm be serviced?

  • Bell-only house alarm systems

    Because of recent advancements in house alarm technology you can now remotely monitor your home alarm system and access your control panels via your laptop tablet desktop or mobile phone. This means if you are not in your property, if something triggers your alarm, you will be instantly notified. The peace of mind that this offers people when they're spending time away from their home is difficult to quantify. By working with accredited security companies you can also ensure that they will monitor your home alarm and if it's triggered, they will either immediately contact you, a key holder nominated by you, and respond to the alarm themselves to ensure an issue is swiftly resolved

  • Monitored home alarm systems

    It directly connects monitored home in arm systems by connecting it an accredited external security company. This company charges a fee to monitor your system and respond to its signals. Typically, they have staff who work in a call center I will check in should your alarm go off. If you can't provide them with the password or you don't answer the call, they will contact the police or your set of nominated key holders. Many of these companies also have mobile security crews and they will visit your premises and should the need arise.

  • Dummy home alarm systems

    Although professional thieves and burglars know how to spot a fake alarm system a mile away, these cheap systems are still installed countrywide as people try to save money. If your home insurance company spots you've installed a dummy alarm system mode, it may affect any payments in the event of a break-in. The police are unlikely to be happy about these types of systems either.

  • Wired or Wireless home alarm systems

    When you're installing a home alarm system, the key decision you will most likely make is whether to work with a wireless or a wired system regardless make sure they're installed by a professional if it's a wired system keep these wires while hidden eyes cutting them up quickly disabled your system. Wireless home alarm systems are battery operated cheaper to install them but also less reliable.

contact bannerExpert’s advice that a monitored burglar alarm system should get a service and maintenance check at least twice a year. If you’re working with an audible only system, annual service and maintenance check should ensure all devices are working correctly and reduce any chance of false alarms.

The easiest way to ensure your burglar alarm system remains in optimal working condition is to sign a service and maintenance contract with a reputable company. This will ensure that your alarm is checked as often as is needed. If you’re operating with a police monitored system, this will have to be checked twice a year. Sometimes your system can be checked remotely, when it is installed, insist on a home visit at least once a year.

Professional alarm maintenance and service companies will send you a gentle reminder before your service is due. If you can’t remember the last time your burglar alarm system was serviced or you have never had an alarm system service before, talk to a professional today.

Why burglar alarms need servicing?

Burglar alarm systems should be checked regularly to ensure the alarm system and its individual components remain functioning correctly. Working with a team of professionals will help you preserve the overall lifespan of your system. This is achieved by identifying faulty parts or devices and replacing them, and continuingly looking to increase the security your burglar alarm system offers by using the latest technology as it continues to develop. Continual burglar alarm system service and maintenance routine keeps your system operational, helps ensure its performance levels and life expectancy are enhanced by adding upgrades to whatever needed.

Here is what a basic burglar alarm service check might involve:

  • A maintenance technician will look at the history and log of your burglar alarm system since the last service check.

  • All major components will be visually checked including connections and cabling this is meant to identify any signs of damage or deterioration.

  • The power supply and the system's charging rates will be checked.

  • The battery power and charging way to be checked.

  • They will check all detectors.

  • All manually operated devices including panic buttons will be changed.

  • Your signalling equipment is remote equipment will be checked and tested.

  • All test results will be logged, and they will set your alarm system to full operational status.

Who should service my alarm?

When you request an alarm service or maintenance visit, it’s important that you check technician who arrives is accredited by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB).

This type of accreditation shows that the individual working on your home security system is independently auditors and your security system is covered by specific regulations and will remain compliant with industry standards.

If you’re working with a police monitors burglar alarm system, they will insist that you only work with credit security companies such as the NSI and the SSAIB.

It isn’t necessary that you work with the same company who you purchased your system or even the company you installed it work with a company you can trust to provide you with the service and maintenance your system needs.

The best maintenance in service companies should provide comprehensive customer care packages. The service provided is not only about keeping your alarm functioning by surfacing and maintaining it at least once or twice a year they should provide 24/7 customer care and call outs whenever needed.

Whether you need a residential burglar alarm system on a commercial system serviced work with recognized security companies in Coventry and an accredited alarm maintenance company to ensure your business and home remain safe. Get in touch with us at Currant Live if you need your alarmed serviced.

What are the most Common Burglar alarm faults?

Your security lights aren’t turning on this is usually caused by sensors shifting in the wind are being moved by animals. These cause the senses to go offline meaning it will not trigger them the way they usually are. External factors could also cause them such as damaged power leads.

If your smoke detector or burglar alarm system is continuously beeping, it needs a service or maintenance check these could lead to false alarms and being disruptive.

A malfunctioning control panel is something that needs to be avoided, as this is the brain of your burglar alarm system. If it’s not working correctly, it’s highly unlikely the rest of your system is functioning. To ensure your system is fully operational, run the test mode that’s available on both panels this will run a quick self-diagnostic check and tell you if there’s an error occurring somewhere in your system.

The two most common problems we encounter during maintenance and service checks on burglar alarm systems are wiring and battery issues. Getting your wires checked regularly and making sure that your security system battery is fully operational will quickly get rid of two of the most troublesome issues that could occur with your burglar alarm system.



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