Do house alarms stop burglars?

This is a tough question to answer, as there are so many factors at play. But in this article, we will provide you with some information and statistics that show certain types of House Alarm Systems certainly help.

As more and more people across the UK try to ensure their homes are difficult targets for burglaries, they’re installing exterior lighting, upgrading locks on the windows and doors, making sure that they have stronger gates and fences, installing HD CCTV systems and any gardening tools etc are securely locked in their sheds.

Something as simple as closing your curtains and blinds during the day to prevent burglars simply looking in your window to see what goodies may lie in wait can be effective.

What else can help prevent burglars

Most burglars they can easily spot owners who take their houses’ security seriously. But the question remains: does an investment in a modern security system really stop burgers. As a leading Coventry Security Company, we have provided some statistics below relating to burglaries

By combining a HD CCTV system and a fully monitored smart alarm system, your smartphone and an external agency monitor should your home security be breached. The HD TV system will capture images of anyone involved, and if they are successful, these images will help the police identify and crack down the perpetrators. This type of home security system will help prevent burglaries.

Research conducted on burglary statistics across the UK clearly shows that a poor level of home security helps burglars and only hurts you. Unfortunately, most people don’t believe they’re at risk until they become a victim.

60% of burglary victims in the UK find the experience so stressful and distressing that they never feel secure or safe in their own property ever again. Why risk such an emotional impact on your life, by simply ignoring your home security. Some common sense measures are all it takes to deter potential burglars.

Burglar, force entryOn top of the 60% of victims you never feel safe in their home following an intrusion,

“Nearly 20% of burglary victims decide to do nothing about it????”

The statistics also reveal that this decision can have a knock-on effect as burgers like soft targets and are often known to return to the scene of a successful crime.

As the police force continues to be defunded, their resources are stretched and research shows that 80% of reported burglaries remain on top. Because of lack of resources, police prioritize low level crimes that they can solve. This is where high definition CCTV systems help the police through investigations.

Probably the most damming statistic is the fact that less than 5% of burglaries result in charges or summons being handed out. Not much of a deterrent, with prosecutions at such a low level there’s little or no obstacle to potential burglars.

All the information listed above leads to one conclusion: as a homeowner in the UK you need to take as many steps as you can to keep your house secure. Taking common sense measures is the first step, but additional security is needed as 66% of all the home burglaries are perpetrated on houses with little or no security.

Is it worth having a house alarm?

A recent survey conducted by over 1000 homeowners was interested in why people buy home alarm systems and home CCTV systems Coventry and how they react to these systems should they be activated in their neighbourhoods.

While basic audible home alarm systems remain the most popularly sold throughout the UK, the result show that this type of house alarm system may prove far less reliable than you may think. The results are nothing short of astonishing.

When answering the question, Do burglar alarms prevent burglaries? The answer is some do, but the most popular may prove less than useless.

When asked what would you do if your neighbour’s audible house alarm system suddenly activated,

30% of people surveyed said they would simply ignore their neighbour’s alarm system

42% said they may take a quick look out the window and to see nothing they will simply continue with what they’re doing

The survey showed that over 70% of audible alarm activations in the UK may go virtually unnoticed.

Audible only a home alarm system offers little in the way of true security. Monitored house alarm systems are the only way to ensure a response to your house alarm being activated.

An increasing trend among alarm companies across the UK to install dummy bell boxes that have no external siren installed shows that these alarms only prove to annoy neighbours

Instead, they’re monitoring home alarm systems, detecting intrusions and simply calling or notifying the system’s key holders. Statistics reveal that if you want a home security system that isn’t simply ignored, you’ll have to look a little further than your standard all only home alarm

There are a variety of different security measures you can take such as using GSM speech dollars these are cheap and easy to maintain they are also tried to test it and proven to contact key holders immediately when a monster alarm system is triggered. You can also pay for additional monitoring from an independent alarm center this while being a more expensive solution might be written off by a reduction in your home insurance costs. This reviews your need to be constantly available as they will contact your chosen key holders for you

Don’t be fooled by the term police monitor alarm system these are not directly monitored better please they used the same systems listed above but it’s on top of contacting you and your keyholder if they can verify your alarm was genuinely activated they’ll contact the local police on your behalf. However, this is no guarantee that the police will actually respond to every incident don’t expect the call to result in flashing blue lights screeching around the corner of the catch any burglar red-handed.

Thankfully technology has now reached the stage where you can use a smart home alarm system. When this is triggered a variety of different things can happen including you receiving a live stream on your smartphone from your high definition CCTV system installed inside your property, you can then decide whether to take action. If you don’t respond, further I will send notifications to your keyholders or to the local police. There’s a wide variety of benefits to these alarm systems, such as your remote ability to arm and disarm them.

If you are interested in getting an alarm system fitted or would like to just enquire then feel free to get in contact for a free quote.



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