Is it worth having CCTV at home?

The insulation of a CCTV system in your home can be useful for a variety of different reasons. The footage can help police identify criminals and can even be used in criminal investigations or as evidence in court cases. A visible CCTV system often prevents potential offenders from attempting a break-in or even committing antisocial behaviour close to your property. If you are looking to get CCTV Installation in Coventry or throughout the midlands then be sure to get in contact.

What are the benefits of having CCTV?

  • An effective Visual Deterrent

    Researchers showed that domestic CCTV systems are among the most effective deterrence to pre-planned crime. Criminals will avoid highly protected homes as they look for easy targets. Research is indicated that 60% of all criminals look for a CCTV system and 40% of these will move on to different targets if they see a camera.

  • Footage can help identify Criminals

    Footage from your CCTV system can be very useful in criminal investigations, evidence that will help identify criminals. Whether it's the attempted or full break-in or even just antisocial behaviour being caught on camera, The possibility of these offenders being identified and brought to justice is much higher if you have a CCTV system.

  • Remotely monitor your property

    With new CCTV technology, you can now monitor your home from anywhere. You can access newer CCTV systems using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Once you have a stable internet connection, that's even possible to access them from anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce your insurance premiums

    Money insurance companies factor in the presence of home security systems or CCTV systems when quoting for insurance premiums and costs. The more protected your property appears, the less risk there is to an insurance company. Contact your insurance company before you make the initial investment to ensure that the money spent can be recouped in the long term by a reduction in your insurance premium.

  • Safety & security

    For most people, the single biggest benefit of a home CCTV system or a burglar alarm is the peace of mind that it can offer. The knowledge that both you and your family are safe or because you've added an extra layer of security to your home. Whenever you're away from your property either at work or on holiday, knowing that we monitor it is one of the biggest benefits of installing a home CCTV system.

Do home CCTV cameras reduce crime?

There is no direct research that shows whether the installation of home CCTV cameras directly affects the amount of crime. There are some studies conducted on career criminals that show CCTV cameras prove an effective deterrent. A study conducted on 12 convicts in 2017 showed that the single biggest deterrent from home breaking was a CCTV camera.

Another study conducted in 2013 by the policing college showed that CCTV systems are effective at reducing crime research was based on over 40 studies that included over 100 crimes 16% of these were prevented because of the presence of home CCTV system. Unfortunately, evidence only suggests that CCTV systems help reduce property and vehicle time as yet they’re not an affected return for violent crime. The simple presence of a home security system can deter some criminals from burglary in a house.


Do security cameras attract burglars?

Many people ask this question: if I install a security camera I’m going to just tell burglars that there’s something valuable in my home that I want to protect. Despite what you might think is a genuine concern, many people suggest that a security camera is just a red to a bull showing that the house has valuables worth stealing.

This concern has some validity, but there are no data to suggest it’s true. In the vast majority of cases, a burglar is barely noticing CCTV cameras and because of this, their installation will neither act as an effective deterrent most times.

Here are some ways to make your Security Camera Unnoticeable

If the primary reason that you are wondering is it worth having CCTV at home is that you’re concerned about attracting criminals there are many ways that you can install a CCTV system and ensure that its cameras are far less visible. For example, cameras now come in all shapes and forms that can be easily blended into the exterior of your home.

Purchasing a smaller security camera will be harder for anyone driving or walking by to notice. Talk to a security consultant and they will explain the benefits of each of these types of cameras. The installation of a virtually secret security system is easily achieved through the use of smaller fixed lens cameras.

Security companies can also choose inconspicuous locations to install your cameras working with a small form factor is an impressive start, but it doesn’t always ensure that your CCTV system will remain unnoticed. Where are you install the camera well so a massive influence over its visibility and it’s always advisable to place them somewhere where pastors by will not suspect their presence.

One of the most effective places to install a CCTV camera is on the edge of your roof. You can also place them in and around other objects in your yard, such as your birdhouse. Whenever you think is inconspicuous is a great place to install a home CCTV camera, just ensure that they do not obstruct the view and always check that your cameras are fully operational at night.

The vast majority of security cameras come in white, but you can either paint them a darker grey colour or just purchase one that’s a different colour. Experts would advise that you pick a colour that blends with the exterior of your home



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