More Ways to protect your home?

As home security is becoming increasingly important, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to protect their property. Thankfully, through the use of technology, there are many steps you can take to make your home safer whether you are out of town on vacation at work or even still in the house. As a number one security firm in the Midlands, we’ve provided some of Coventry Security Solutions that we think is best to consider for your home or business.

  • Install Bluetooth Door Locks

    Smart locks has made home security and automation much more secure. Your lock can be connected directly to your mobile phone using an APP and Bluetooth, this can use either Wi-Fi or LTE. The great thing about smart locks is that they will automatically detect your presence and connect to every part of your automation system. If you have a fully smart home, they can control thermostats, security systems, lights, you name it. You can save an abundance of energy by correctly programming your Bluetooth door lock.

  • More than one smoke alarm

    Home safety, it's not just about protecting your loved ones and yourself from potential Intruders. The inhalation of toxic gases, smoke, and even the fire itself could cause some serious health problems. Correctly installing and maintaining a high-quality fire alarm system throughout your home is vital to ensure it will always sense any smoke and provide you and your family with ample warning.

  • Smart sensors

    Your smartphone can directly control and monitor the latest home sensor systems. For example, they can connect one to your front door and it can sense your presence when you either leave or enter the home you can also install them on Windows to optimize your home security. You can receive instant alerts about the motion the system detects. This can help you keep on top of any potential Intruder or break-in.

  • Wi-Fi enabled indoor CCTV

    It looks like new high-end home security camera system interest in the market every day of the week the good news with this competition technology in these cameras is constantly improving. The selection you can choose from has made them more affordable. Wi-Fi enabled smart cameras can be monitored using your smartphone and you can live stream everything that's happening in your property, monitoring everyone who's leaving or entering the home while you're not there.

  • Remote monitoring

    Similar to Wi-Fi enabled CCTV systems, the ability to remotely monitor your entire home security system is an excellent feature and with internet technologies you can monitor every part of your home, not only your home security system. Whenever you're away from home either traveling or at work. Your smartphone allows you to control every aspect of a smart home system.

  • A Fingerprint Scanner

    The part of home security systems that may have come the furthest in recent years is lock and key systems. Traditional systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are using fingerprint scanners, PIN codes, and passcodes to enter homes. Not only are they more secure, but they're also far more convenient and will only ever allow someone who's been given the authorization to unlock and enter your home.

  • Sensors that detect a Glass Break

    Another excellent way to protect your home is to install glass break sensors especially if you're home has many windows if the glass in your home is broken this sensor recognizes the sound and instantly notify you this will let you know if anyone has broken into your home via a glass door window.

  • Smart window sensors

    A smart window sensor system will help keep you informed of any suspicious activity that occurs within your windows. These sensor systems are fully programmable and feature many cause-and-effect options for example if the window opens while you're away from the house you can receive a text notification but if say for example your house has lots of windows they can also create an extra layer of protection for the perimeter of your home.

  • Automated lighting

    Sensor operated automated lighting systems are an excellent way to give the impression your home is occupied. Anytime you're away from your property, by activating this smart security feature you can safely travel knowing that lights will turn on in your home at night, This feature will give anyone passing the impression that the property is occupied. Statistically, criminals are less likely to break into occupied properties. Life information is an excellent safety tool especially for properties with older family members, as they may have trouble turning lights on and off as they move around the house.

  • A Smart Doorbell

    Last but certainly not least on the list would be to install a smart or video based doorbell, and this offers a tremendous level of home security for a variety of different reasons. They can integrate these into your house alarm system.

    You can open or see who's at your door without ever having to go near it.
    If you do not answer the doorbell, it's easier to imply that you're not home.
    You can clearly see who's at your door and even record who rings the doorbell.

  • Garage security systems

    Installing a remote garage door can prove very handy it can easily offer you access to your home on a case-by-case basis you can open and close the door remotely. For example, if for whatever reason you leave the garage door open your smartphone will alert you immediately, offering you peace of mind to know you can secure the garage at any will also inform you if anyone has tampered with the door while you're away.



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