Safe & Sound
Alarms, CCTV, Fire Solutions, Access Control, Home Automation by Currant Live Ltd
BT RedCare Monitoring your property 24/7, APP notifications and alerts from Currant Live
Technology Driven Solutions
Property Automation, APP controlled, concierge monitoring
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Safe & Sound
Alarms, CCTV, Fire Solutions, Access Control, Home Automation by Currant Live Ltd
BT RedCare Monitoring your property 24/7, APP notifications and alerts from Currant Live
Technology Driven Solutions
Property Automation, APP controlled, concierge monitoring
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Fire Alarms

Looking for high-quality fire alarms in Coventry?

Did you know that there are around 200 fire-related deaths each year in the UK? These tragedies usually happen overnight when people are sleeping, but also occur on commercial properties.

Many of those fires could have been easily prevented with a fire alarm and effective risk assessment. Working fire security systems mean that you're far more likely to escape unharmed and have reduced damage to your property.

Our specialists are on hand to expertly install the alarm, carry out risk assessments, and much more. For more details about our services, see the information below.

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Fire Alarm Installation

fire alarm installers coventry

How we can ensure fire protection in the West Midlands

Whether you are looking to protect your home or any buildings associated with your business, we can install a range of CCTV systems for you. From night visions cameras to cameras with thermal detection, effective security services are our highest concern.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance

Our specialists will ensure all fire alarm systems are expertly installed quickly and efficiently. Not only is it important to have fire alarms installed correctly, but they must be well maintained too.

Thanks to our 15 years of knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that your fire safety is in the best hands.

commercial fire alarm installation
fire alarm installation services

Risk assessments

A specialist will carry out an effective risk assessment and determine the chance of a fire starting. They’ll assess what could cause a fire and what damage could happen to those in and around the property. You’ll be kept fully updated about the risk assessment and any findings.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are the standard tool for controlling outbreaks. Whether it’s your business property or your home, our fire extinguishers are an invaluable piece of equipment that could save your life.

Fire alarm systems Coventry

Our fire alarms are advanced safety systems that help your property stay fire-safe. Your property matters. Keeping your business fire safe and

Thermal camera

If you want an advanced fire safety system, our thermal cameras fit the bill. Thermal cameras can detect a smouldering fire inside a wall or spot electrical wires that are overheating.

Originally used for military purposes, thermal cameras are incredibly sophisticated and have the ability to save lives in the event of a fire.

Fire detection system

We use the FIREwave range from Hochiki to provide the best fire alarms in Coventry. FIREwave uses the latest radio technology, providing an easy-to-use and economical wireless fire security system, offering great value for money.

There’s minimal disruption to the building and it’s incredibly reliable and flexible. FIREwave is suitable for a range of properties, from business premises to private homes.

FIREscape+ emergency lighting

Emergency lighting systems provide constant lighting even if the mains power is down. This improves security in fire situations and makes the surroundings highly visible so you can escape calmly and safely.

We use FIREscape+, which is a fire security and emergency lighting system combined. It also has wayfinding technology that can help calm high-panic situations such as fires, creating a sense of improved safety and security.



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Professional team with years of experience

Our CCTV installers have years of experience installing cameras across the entire of the West Midlands, not just in Coventry. By working alongside our customer, we can help protect your property and ensure the CCTV installation is exactly what you were expecting. From full-scale systems to IP cameras to watch over your front entrance, our Coventry service will always put the customer and their requirements first.

Texecom are proud to work with Currant Live to protect the things people care about wherever located. Currant Live are an ambitious and professional company that work at the forefront of technology and we are glad that we have the technology, road map and shared values to support them and their customers.


Product Manager

Redcare realises the passion and technical ability of Currant Live and anticipate them pushing the signalling systems to the edge of it’s capability. Redcare fire and intruder alarm signalling systems are always on and always secure. Backed by BT’s trusted technology, we’ve got some of the most reliable solutions in the industry


Regional Sales Manager

We are delighted that Currant Live have joined our Value Added Solutions Partner (VASP) program, Currant Live can utilise our 4 demonstration facilities in Uxbridge, Manchester, Doncaster and Glasgow to showcase our products

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Business Development Manager

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